All high street premises require bespoke service, not only to help with complicated installations but also to look at source materials, electrical supplies, fixtures and fittings.


Way finding signage plays a major role in guiding the traffic towards their destination and reassuring them on their journey and orient them to navigate safely, reducing transit time & avoiding confusion.

Traffic Sign Manufacturers

Amalgam Industries L.L.C Signage is one of the largest traffic signage manufacturers in the UAE, producing signs to local municipality and international standards.

Traffic Signs and Structural

Amalgam Projects & Traffic Signs specializes in manufacturing road traffic signs, filling station cladding and specialized structural works.

Achieve Your Goals

Build Your Dream Construction with proffessional ,tax efficiency is an attempt.

Our Services

Our emphasis lies on the salient attributes of our traffic signs to ensure proper visibility, durability and fine finish. We are involved in every facet of the traffic signage industry including design, manufacturing, installation and site survey.


Cantilever & Gantry signs are traffic signs mounted on an overhead support. They are usually built on high-traffic roads with several routes and lanes.

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Gantry & Cantilever Signs

True to its name, signage are signs that are mandatory in certain environments. Usually in blue, these safety messages urge people to take required action.

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Ground Mounted Signs

As the name implies, a directional sign helps a potential customer find their way to a particular location easily. In high-traffic environment.

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Destination Signs

As the name implies, a directional sign helps a potential customer find their way to a particular location easily signage is a must. you must stop before entering the intersection

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A professional management team headed by a master-mind caliber, recognized and represented by one and all in the Industry. Strong regional support in having a native investor, a pioneer in the Signage industry with 15 PLUS Years hands-on experience as investor and performer in the signage industry.

75 Years of
  • Our primary investment alone will exceed Dh 5,000,000.

  • Top notch market Professional and qualified human resources on board.

  • Ample manufacturing facility in Saja Sharjah, with all amenities such as a labor compound and staff accommodation to accommodate hundreds of employees.

  • A much larger facility is concurrently taking shape in Jabal Ali.

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Projects & Traffic Signs

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Digital Signage


Cantilever Gantry Signs

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Directional Signage

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